Opportunities at Det 390

Opportunities at Det 390 Article

Color Guards-  Cadets in the ROTC program can do Color Guards at priority events. Many of these events include: University of Michigan Football Games, Basketball games, and other large events. The Color Guard’s purpose is to present the United States flag for the event, whether it is raising the flag during the football games, or standing on the Basketball court holding the United States flag while the National Anthem is being played. For doing these events, cadets can attend the event for free and watch Football games on the field at the end zone.


Mentorship- Not only does mentorship build comradery, but it also helps build leaders. Cadets are put into mentorship groups, called mentorship families, that are a mix of lower and upper classmen. This way upperclassmen can help and guide the lower classmen into becoming better leaders. The upperclassmen can provide their experiences they had and what has helped them to the lowerclassmen and to answer any questions that they have about the program. We also conduct mentorship competitions to encourage communication within the mentorship family and to build comradery. (Currently in the process of retrieving)


Warrior Weekend- Warrior Weekend is a voluntary event where Cadets spend a weekend at a base for training. This event takes place during the Fall semester of classes. During Warrior Weekend cadets can get training in fields that aren’t normally covered during the school year. Things that are done at Warrior Weekend are paintball to introduce small unit tactics, learning basics to land navigation, and being in command of a flight. Warrior Weekend also teaches Upperclassmen about effective planning because the planning and training for Warrior Weekend is done primarily by the Upperclassmen cadets. (Picture WW)


Base Visits- Every year Det 390 visits an Air Force base to expose cadets to what the Air Force does to complete its mission. During these visits cadets can expect to see numerous parts of a wing and different functions that are performed to make the wing function. Cadets also get to talk to the Officers and Enlisted personnel on what they do for their job in the wing. Some of the jobs they can hear about are pilots, security forces, and aircraft maintainers. These are only a few jobs that cadets have the potential to learn about on a base visit.