Program Overview


The Reserve Officer Training Corps program is one of three ways to gain a commission as an officer in the United States Air Force or Space Force. As a part of the program, you will prepare to excel as an Air Force or Space Force Officer while completing your bachelor’s degree as a college student. This unique opportunity allows you to get a head start on your peers, gain valuable leadership experience, preparing for a career as a professional while still leaving time to experience all of the avenues that college life presents. The program is rigorous and selective but prides itself on maintaining a standard of excellence that will guide you to becoming a better citizen servant, regardless of how long you are in our program.

You will begin the program in the training squadrons and progress through the program, and move up through the ranks. As a cadet, your first two years will be spent in the General Military Course (GMC); these are the freshman and sophomore cadets who have not attended Field Training. The upper-class cadets are in the Professional Officer Corps, which is in charge of running the wing and leading the GMC.


  • Leadership Laboratory (LLAB) – Every week, you will have at least two hours of LLAB. During this time, your trainers will have prepared a multitude of activities designed to push your limits and build your skills. Every week is different, requiring different types of preparation and knowledge. These programs build communication, followership, and leadership skills. 
  • Physical Training (PT) – You are required to work on your physical fitness to meet Air Force and Space Force fitness standards. An Air Force and Space Force-wide initiative of being “Fit-to-Fight” applies here in ROTC. You will have to push and motivate yourself to be physically and mentally fit. Activities range from traditional workouts to warrior runs, supervised weight training, and competitive sports. Each semester’s worth of PT culminates in a Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA), which you must pass. Visit this website link for Air Force and Space Force fitness standards.
  • Aerospace Studies Class – This academic class will be taught by a member of Cadre and cover relevant topics to support your growth as an officer candidate. You will take this class with your fellow cadets and be presented with knowledge to prepare you as an officer. Assignments can include writing, reading, or class presentations, focusing on providing you with communication and leadership skills to be a successful Air Force or Space Force leader.



  • AS100s/Freshman – This year is focused on introducing cadets to the program and a military environment. Here you will learn customs and courtesies, how to march in formation, how to wear a uniform proudly, and begin to build basic followership and leadership skills. This year is to learn as much as possible and build a basis for future success.
  • AS200s/Sophomores – These cadets are evaluated on their ability to enter the POC. This year is about showcasing your knowledge and demonstrating your skills and drive to succeed in adverse situations. A successful culmination of the FTP year is an Enrollment Allocation and the opportunity to succeed at Field Training.


  • AS300s/Juniors- These cadets have completed Field Training and are setting their sights on their active duty careers. They are developing their ability to teach, train, motivate, manage, and build the skills they will need to perform as leaders within Cadet Wing. 
  • AS400s/Seniors- This is the culmination of AFROTC academic training. Furthermore, these cadets prepare for active duty Air Force and Space Force by learning about national military policies and current events in the Air Force and Space Force.


Candidates are authorized to join the program within the first two weeks of the Fall or Winter semester.

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